Safety is our number 1 concern!  We depend on all swimmers, kayakers, boat captains and volunteers to know and follow the safety rules at all times.


Boats will be driven at headway speed and maintain a safe distance from the swimmers and kayakers/paddle boarders.  We recommend 15 - 20 feet.

All participants in a boat will follow the instructions of the boat captain and be vigilant in getting in and out of the boats. 

Kayaker and paddle boarders that are escorting swimmers will remain 5 - 10 feet from the swimmers and act as the navigator to help keep the swimmers on the course. 

Boat captains and kayakers/paddle boarders that are supporting the swimmers will be vigilant to deter spectator boats from driving into or through the swim course.

Each kayaker/paddle boarder will either be assigned to a specific swimmer or be given a part of the swim course to patrol.

Kayakers/paddle boarders should come to the race prepared: 

- dress in layers to account for a colder start and warmer temperatures later in the day

-  wear a hat and sunscreen to protect from the sun

-  we will provide you with a bright green shirt.  In an emergency, you should waive that shirt to attract the attention of one of our safety boats, which will be clearly marked

- bring a cell phone in a plastic bag.  We will provide you with an emergency cell phone number to call if there is a problem or if you have questions

- bring 2 life preservers, one for you and one for any potential swimmer that needs a rescue

- food and drink for yourself

- bring a cup in case you have to use the bathroom (we are not kidding)

If you are assigned to a swimmer, they might ask you to carry food and liquids for them to be administered during the swim.  Please work together with your swimmer to provide them the best assistance.