Swimmers – are you ready for Swim With A Mission on July 14th?  We are and the SEALs are!  Registration starts at 6:00 AM and our MANDATORY pre-race meeting is at 7:00 AM by the start/finish.  Much of the parking this year will be in satellite lots with shuttle service to the park so please make sure you are at Wellington State Park early enough to park, register, get body marked, get your time chip band, and get settled before 7:00AM. Watch for more details about parking coming soon.

Swimmers will get an Swim Cap (different colors for the different races) that you need to wear while you are swimming.  We will determine if we are wetsuit legal on the morning of the race.  

There will be lots of volunteer boats, kayaks and paddleboards in the water to escort you and assist if necessary.  Please thank them when you get a chance.  There will be boats with food for swimmers at the 5K turnaround and the 10K turnaround (but always better to bring your own specific food, rather than to rely on us).

Swimmers will keep the swim buoys on your RIGHT at all times.  Said another way, you will be swimming on the LEFT side of the buoys at all times.  We have told the boats to stay a safe distance from the swimmers and stay to the left of all swimmers.  The kayakers will get closer to the swimmers.  There will be lead kayakers in each of the individual races, that will have balloons on their kayaks for you to follow.  Our important buoys that mark turns are big and orange.   We will also have boats with balloons sitting at the key buoys.  So swim towards the balloons.  If you need assistance while you are swimming, please ask your closest kayaker or boater.   We will also have our own safety boats patrolling the swim area, 2 Fire Department boats and Marine Patrol in the water.   Please stay alert in the water, make good decisions and be safe.  

We will be using timing chips, so all swimmers will have to cross the mat at the start and finish. 

We will start the 10K Individual Race at 7:30AM. We will then start the 5K Individual, followed by the 10K Team Relay and then the 1K. EVERYONE SHOULD BE READY TO SWIM AT THE START OF THE PRE-RACE MEETING.

The relay teams will start one at a time, 2 minutes apart.  Only the captain of each relay team will wear a swim chip.  The relay team captain will wear the swim chip for the whole swim, except for the very last leg of the swim.  The relay swimmer who finishes the relay swim, needs to be wearing the chip. One relay swimmer starts in the water from the beach, the rest of the relay swimmers get in their assigned boat and a kayak joins them for the relay race.   The captain of each relay team will work with their relay team to figure out who is swimming when.  Each relay swimmer can swim as many times as they want, for as little or long as the want.  Each time there is a change of relay swimmer in the water, the new relay swimmer has to enter the water BEHIND the relay swimmer getting out of the water.  So you can’t let the boat carry you forward.   It’s nice if at the finish, everyone on the relay team swims in together, but only the relay swimmer with the chip counts for the official time.  

Our medal ceremony will take place at approximately 1:15PM (subject to change). In the afternoon, there will be fun for the whole family including food, kids activities and a live demonstration by the Navy SEALs and K-9 Units.  Please plan to stick around for the fun!

Please bring your camo, USA gear, etc.  It’s a patriotic day!  Please like our Facebook page.   Please keep fundraising to support our Veterans and reach your goal of $500. Some swimmers have exceeded their goals already...very impressive!! Thank you for everything you are doing.  You are making a difference!!