Thank you,...

I wanted to follow up with you and thank each and every one of our hundreds of swimmers and volunteers, thousands of donors, amazing sponsors, our friends who came out to support us because they knew how important this is to us and our veterans, and to our new friends in the SEAL community! The SEALs represent the best of what it takes to work as a team to defend and protect our democracy and freedom. We all learned a little more about the real sacrifices that our members of the armed forces are making and our veterans have made. There were too many emotional moments to describe all of them, but I want to share three: 

  • I saw one of our active serviceman, with SEAL Team 2, who met the father of his BUDS roommate, a SEAL from NH who died in a training accident a few years ago. 
  • Another one of our guests from SEAL Team 2 met the mother and sister of Dan Healy, a SEAL killed in a rescue mission in th Hindu Kush mountains (depicted in the movie Lone Survivor). Our guest told the mother and siste of Dan Healy that he took two flights in the Middle East escorting the body of Dan Healy out of Afghanistan. Dan Healy, a Senior Chief Petty Officer, did not have to go on that mission considering his rank, but he insisted, saying, as we’re told, “Those are my men and my face is going to be the first one they see…” 
  • Or the tearful mother of an active SEAL from Team 8 who does not know where in the world her son is currently deployed. She volunteered at our event and took hugs from the SEALs who reassured her that her son is safe with his brother SEALs in the field. 

Each of the SEALs left grateful for the patriotism and gratitude that our community showed them. Something they do not feel and see enough. We are grateful for all our veterans and together we have raised a lot of money to support them! We will never forget what we all did here together! We can barely comprehend what our veterans have sacrificed for all of us, for our great country. I leave you with these pictures and one more ask – for those of you that did not get the chance to support us, we are leaving open the fundraising until the end of July, so you can still go to www.swimwithamission.com and contribute. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Together we have made a difference.