Those Benefitting From Swim With A Mission

Swim With A Mission has donated over $6 Million to help Veteran Organizations since 2017.

There are many, mostly small Veteran and local organizations that provide services to Veterans. They are not well coordinated and most are underfunded. SWAM selects 5-10 such organizations a year to support where providing additional funds will have a meaningful and differential effect on their ability to help Veterans. The services range from scholarships for children of a parent who died in service, taking care of homeless veterans, providing rides and financial assistance to Veterans, providing health care services to Veterans, providing permanent housing for Veterans, K9’s for Veterans, and help with PTSD.

If you are part of an organization that fits within our mission of helping Veterans and their families and would like to be considered as a beneficiary of money raised in 2020 please contact Julie/Phil at

Please include details about your organization and how the funds will be used, how much money you are requesting and a W-9.

Grant Awarded to Liberty House Transitional Veterans Home

On October 13, 2020, Swim With A Mission presented Liberty House Veterans Transitional Living with a check for $1,000,000 to break ground on Phase II of Mission Renovate and Restore. This money will help create a much anticipated recreational center that will enable Liberty House to help their residents along with 1,000 community Veterans who live off-site with critical services unable to be offered during the COVID-19 pandemic. These include providing a larger space for community Veterans to receive COVID-19 safe mental health services, case management and service referrals for employment, medical and dental care. The center will also help to reduce isolation and loneliness for both residential and community veterans through COVID-19 safe engagement with others.

Grant Awarded to The Currier Museum of Art

On October 7, 2020, Swim With A Mission presented The Currier Museum of Art with a check for $717,500 to to construct a dedicated programming space for Veterans. This space will allow Veterans and their families from all over the state to take part in art therapy programs.The center will also help to reduce isolation and loneliness for community veterans through COVID-19 safe engagement with others.

Gift to National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum

From the Patrol Boat Riverines – PBRs – that enabled the Navy SEALs in navigating and dominating the maze of rivers and canals in Vietnam, to a replica of Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad Pakistan, the Navy SEAL Museum houses an array of artifacts that showcase their perilous missions.

The museum’s purpose extends far beyond presenting exhibits: it ensures and shares the legacy of the world’s premier special operations force. The facility not only traces the history of the Navy SEALs, but it provides visitors with an uncommon perspective of our nation’s constant vigil for freedom spanning more than 70 years. Through their dedication to duty and relentless resolve, SEALs have “paid the bill” for American freedoms for decades.  The museum enlightens visitors as to the cost of elite preparedness.

Gift to Veterans Count

In 2014, a group of dedicated volunteers in the Lakes Region led by Cynthia Makris, Ken Lull and Tim Callahan gathered community leaders to get the ball rolling to launch a new chapter of Veterans Count! At the first meeting of the Veterans Count Lakes Region Chapter, Siddartha Sosa Rodriguez, an Airman for the New Hampshire Air National Guard, spoke of the struggles he had reintegrating back into his community after returning from deployment to the Middle East in 2009. Since connecting with Veterans Count he has secured a stable living environment, gotten married, completed his bachelor’s degree in psychology and is working on his Master’s degree. He is also giving back to other veterans in his role as a Care Coordinator for Easter Seals Military & Veterans Services. “It’s a beautiful thing when the legacy of a WWII Marine is able to help his fellow veterans in New Hampshire today. I was honored to start the Peter Makris Memorial Run in 2007 to continue my father’s spirit of giving back to his beloved community and fellow veterans. Starting a Lakes Region Chapter of Veterans Count made a lot of sense,” said Cynthia Makris. “There are so many giving and generous people living in the Lakes Region year round and seasonally who care deeply about our veterans and their needs. We are looking forward to being the newest chapter of Veterans Count in New Hampshire!”

Gift to Bridge House Homeless Shelter

The Bridge House vows to accept all veterans who contact the shelter – no vet is ever turned away. In the past 18 months, the Bridge House served 35 veterans – providing shelter and helping them access a variety of services, such as job placement, relocation, family unification, and permanent housing.  The Bridge House is the only shelter welcoming a veteran accompanied by “man’s best friend” – his/her pooch!

Veterans come to the Bridge House via a variety of paths.  They may be referred by a welfare officer, VA social worker, SSVF, other shelters, the police, hospitals, local churches, physicians, or they may walk in off the street. Veterans are connected immediately to services through a VA social worker, and a Bridge House case advocate meets with the vet once a week on-site.

Gift to Harbor Homes Plymouth

The Plymouth NH Veterans Housing project is a planned development of 25 one-bedroom apartments for low-income Veterans in Plymouth, NH.  In all, 30 apartments will be built on a 12-acre subdivision on Boulder Point Drive.  When completed, the 29,000-square-foot apartment building will also provide essential community space for the delivery of support services and case management for Veterans through Harbor Homes and White River Junction VA Medical Center.  The project, which is expected to cost $7 million, will be developed and managed by Harbor Homes.

Gift to Children of the Fallen Patriots

The Mission of Children of Fallen Patriots is to provide college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. They are dedicated to serving the families of service members from all branches of the armed forces who have died as a result of combat casualties, military training accidents, service related illnesses, suicide, as well as other duty-related deaths as ruled by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The vision of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is to ensure that every child of a fallen patriot receives all necessary college funding. They believe a college education is the single most important gift they can give these children, it is an important investment in the future of America and ultimately it is one of the best ways we can honor those who died defending our country.

Gift to Dan Healy Foundation

In memory of Operation Red Wings Fallen Warriors
The MISSION of The Dan Healy Foundation is to uphold the honor and dedication exemplified by Senior Chief Healy in his heroic efforts by being of service to the Seacoast, NH community through the following resources: (i) scholarships to area students entering the military or a trade school; (ii) aiding Seacoast area veterans in various ways; (iii) offering a grant to deserving single mothers; and (iv) supporting the elementary school children in the Courtesy Matters program.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Daniel R. Healy, US Navy SEAL, BUD/S Class 176, SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team One, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, was born on July 17, 1968 in Exeter, NH and KIA in the Hindu Kush mountains of Kunar Province, Afghanistan on June 28, 2005 during Operation Red Wings.Dan Healy

SCPO Healy was lost when the MH-47 helicopter he was aboard on a rescue mission crashed going to the aid of a team of four SEALs on a reconnaissance mission who were embroiled in a battle with a larger force of the Taliban.  When word got back to base about their plight, their fellow SEALs went into action filling two helicopters to go to their aid.  Due to his rank as a Senior Chief Petty Officer, Dan Healy did not have to go on that mission, but he insisted.  Taking men off of the lead helicopter SCPO Healy told the others “Those are my men and my face is going to be the first one they see”.

Gift to War Paints

War Paints is devoted to empowering and encouraging veterans in their creative, entrepreneurial pursuits. They help us fuel our nation’s veterans and first responders with the ideas, skills, and motivation to succeed. War Paints provide programs supporting creative disciplines and business practices to develop meaningful skills, inspire community, and provide career opportunities for veterans.

Gifts to War Paint helps to fund veteran webstores that showcase their products and artwork free of cost, sponsor future workshops, and sustain a creative community for service members.

War Paints honors our Veterans by recognizing their strengths – not their scars. Contributions directly support the growth, independence, and endeavors of War Paints growing community.

Gift to Navy Chaplains Fund

SWAM has donated $2,000 of Walmart Gift Cards to the Navy Chaplains Fund to help active duty families have a better Christmas.

Equine Immersion Programs

We are proud to collaborate with Equine Immersion Programs.

Equine Immersion Programs (EIP) is a therapeutic program for veterans struggling with the Invisible Wounds of War encompassing Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, Military Sexual Trauma, Moral Injury, Family Discord and other service related issues. Horses are proven catalysts of change and healing among animal assisted therapies that promote mental health and well-being. Seeking alternatives to traditional methods is key to meeting the needs of the veteran community. EIP weekend retreats have provided over 750 veterans a transformative experience. EIP is honored to serve those who have served- all branches, all eras, all family members, all support persons and all care givers at no charge.

Vouchers for Veterans

Vouchers For Veterans

There are many Veterans receiving no VA benefits at all through no fault of their own. They may have served during a time not considered a War Time Period, or they make too much money to be considered for health benefits. Then there are the Vietnam Veterans that separated without a documented service-related illness and now, years later, are tasked with proving that it is related prior to treatment. With this said, Vouchers for Veterans wants every Veteran to know, that the County in which they reside in NH, acknowledges their sacrifices and thanks them for their service. Albeit a small token of appreciation in comparison for what they have done for us, Vouchers for Veterans thanks each Veteran for their service by giving them $20.00 in vouchers, each week, in September, for making fresh and nutritious purchases at a designated Farmers Market within their county.

We are currently serving three of the 10 New Hampshire Counties and York County Maine.

Besides the fresh and nutritious foods being offered by local farmers and growers, the clean and healthy atmosphere of a local farmers market tends to be the perfect location to gather Veterans together. They are proudly wearing hats identifying their branch and era. We often see two old Veterans sitting at a table with similar hats. You can tell by their expressions and tears in their eyes, they are telling their story, sometimes for the first time.

The following week when they come back, they are often with their new buddy. Vouchers for Veterans also has someone on hand from Veteran Services in Manchester to help them navigate the VA System and get them headed in the right direction. It’s a day for celebrating our American heroes. When they leave the market, they leave feeling validated and grateful.

The $15,000 received from Swim With A Mission provided 750, twenty dollar vouchers to Veterans attending the markets. It provided $15,000 more revenue to our struggling farmers and the money stays right here in our community. It’s win/win/win or as I call it, a circle of love.

In Strafford County alone we gave out $14,500 dollars in vouchers, and we would like to be in all 10 counties by 2026 . Vouchers for Veterans wants every Veteran living in NH, to know the community in which they reside acknowledges their sacrifice and is thankful for their service.

Vouchers for Veterans is comprised of all unpaid volunteers  trying to make a difference.

Manchester Association of Police K-9s

MAPK9Many of the Manchester Police K-9 Handlers are Veterans. MAPK-9 relies on donations to fund our mission of providing financial assistance for the proper retirement care of the Manchester Police K-9’s as well as burial and memorial of the fallen K-9’s. MAPK-9 strives to provide the means to receive the best possible care and treatment for our retired K-9’s to honor their service and sacrifice. Swim With A Mission’s support allows the MAP K-9’s to effectively carry out their mission.

Shadow Warriors Project

Shadow Warriors Project