Swim With A Mission has donated $75,000 to Harbor Homes for the Boulder Point Veterans Housing in Plymouth. From left are Alex Ray, Boulder Point supporter; Dani Taub, daughter of SWIM founders; Phil Taub, SWIM co-founder; Mary Tamposi and Peter Kelleher, both of Harbor Homes; Benjamin Taub, son of SWIM founders; Julie Taub, SWIM co-founder; Nicole Bailey and her husband Ed Bailey, SWIM volunteers; and Cathy Bentwood, Boulder Point supporter.

Swim With A Mission Inc. met with representatives of Harbor Homes Inc. and local supporters Nov. 28 at the site of the future Boulder Point Veterans Housing project, currently under construction in Plymouth, where the founders of Swim With A Mission, Phil and Julie Taub, presented Harbor Homes with a check for $75,000 toward the Boulder Point project.

The housing project, slated for completion this summer, will provide housing for 30 low-income veteran families by off ering 25 one-bedroom and five two-bedroom units.

Once complete, the building will also provide central community space for the delivery of support services and case management for resident veterans to help them on their path to a successful life.

In addition to Swim With A Mission, Cathy Bentwood and Alex Ray — Plymouth area residents and champions of the Boulder Point Veterans Housing project — have been instrumental in soliciting support from state and local businesses and individuals, with a significant portion of support coming from state and federal funding sources. All of the aforementioned have come together through Harbor Homes to help make this project a reality.

“Support from the public has been crucial to completing this critically needed veterans housing project,” said Harbor Homes CEO Peter Kelleher.

By Harbor Homes

Navy SEAL Dale and his K9 Storm respond to the challenge from the MPD K9…come see what happens at Swim With A Mission July 13th, 2019.

Manchester NH Police K-9 Unit want to issue the Navy Seals a friendly challenge. Terrible idea? They agree, but want to do it anyway. Why? Because they support the veterans. Is it pushups?