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Newfound Lakes' 'Swim With A Mission' to benefit Veterans

BRISTOL — Organizers are seeking volunteers and participants for a fundraising event on Newfound Lake to benefit veterans. The second Swim With A Mission, which features open-water races and demonstrations by Navy SEALs, is scheduled for…
Images by Elaine Ryan

SEALS Swim With A Mission

On April 2, 2016, I was standing on the beach at Ocean Reef, Florida, staring at the sky and suddenly a parachute opened. The letters “SEAL” were stark against the yellow and blue background of the parachute. I couldn’t believe what I…

Swim With A Mission draws massive crowd to Newfound Lake

BRISTOL — Huge crowds overflowed Wellington State Beach in Bristol last Friday as both young and old came out to cheer on participants in Swim with a Mission, a fundraising event which raised money for veterans’ causes both locally and nationally. Phil…

Live Navy SEALs demonstration coming to Newfound Lake

BRISTOL — Registration is open for the 2017 Swim With A Mission. The family-friendly event is a charity open-water swim festival on Newfound Lake that honors and supports our veterans. Top fundraisers for the event will have a Navy SEAL swim…